Call for Papers

Content of Symposium

1. Oral and Poster Presentations

2. Industry/Business (I/B) Sessions and Exhibition

Main Session Topics

1. Waste management policy, planning, practices and challenges

2. Innovative methods for waste prevention, reduction, collection, transportation, and characterizations

3. Safe and reliable solid waste utilization, recycling, materials recovery, and waste-to-energy strategies

4. Mechanical, biological and thermal treatment technologies of waste - current development trends and technological progresses

5. Sustainable landfilling, landfill designs, gas collection, leachate treatments, and landfill aftercare and restoration

6. Bioenergy and bio-products from waste and biomass (anaerobic digestion, biofuels, biochar, landfill gas utilization, etc.)

7. Hazardous, industrial and special waste management (E-waste, C&D waste, medical waste, etc.)