APLAS is an abbreviation for Asia-Pacific Landfill Symposium.

APLAS is the international symposium which purpose is to manage the serious wastes issues/problems of the Asia-Pacific region.

APLAS aims a sustainable development and an improvement of the regional environment with sharing techniques, experiences and logic with the experts for waste landfill and recycling field.

Logo mark


APLAS is the symposium that the experts who have excellent knowledge consult the environment which is affected by the waste disposals at a rapid development of the Asia-Pacific region and utilize energy resources wisely.

The shape of the egg manifests that the knowledge and intelligence (nutrition) are consolidated and the global prominent presentations stimulate the participant to create the new conceptions. This can be the circle of new development for the field of the Land fillings. The new environment making is created by the people who join the symposium. It is from inside of the egg which is filled with nutrition's.

"Ample Green" is the image of the environment and used for L, the center of the logo mark. The various colors are used as the expression of enthusiastic and energetic activities of APLAS.

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